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Neem oil – Cold Pressed Grade

  • 100% Cold Pressed Neem oil
  • A plant extract derived from the neem seeds, Azadirachta Indica.
  • Comprises of naturally occurring chemicals (Azadirachtin, Salanin, Nimbin) which exhibits broad spectrum of insecticidal properties.
  • Organic certified - ECOCERT


  • Broad Spectrum: Affect over 300 species of insects. No other synthetic and organic insecticide has been found so abroad.
  • Diverse Mode of Action: Possess diverse mode of action and affect insect's populations at every stage of their life cycle.
  • Non-Resistant: Insects can't develop resistance due to synergy of various bio-active compounds in it.
  • Compatibility: It is suitable for IPM and organic farming as it compatible with other organic and synthetic insecticides.
  • Organic: Azadirachtin and other liminoids are derived from nature.
  • Safe: Proved to be safe for human being and non-targeted organisms like beneficial predators.
  • Eco-friendly: Degrades easily in soil and doesn't sustain long in environment.


Sr. No Characteristics Specific Range
1 Colour Brown colored viscous liquid
2 Odour Garlic repulsive
3 Azadirachtin (A + B) 2000ppm – 3000ppm
4 Relative Density @ 25°C 0.921 Min
5 Saponification value ≥ 180